Finding the right solution for your emergency power needs

The first step to getting the correct generator for your needs is to asses your requirements.


Power Solutions

Helping you find the right generator for your needs

We offer a "needs assessment" service, where we meet with you and evaluate your requirements for emergency power, and design a personalized solution. We look at everything: emergency lighting, load analysis, (how many kilowatts will you need), fuel usage & storage and how to connect to your existing power panel, then design a system that fits your budget, from fully automatic to manual intervention.

This service provides you with a customized report listing the details that will allow you to choose the best solutions for your budget and needs.

Our report gives you the tools you need to purchase the equipment yourself and/or collect bids from licensed contractors for their services. You'll know exactly what is required for your specific need.

We have multiple partners that are professionally licensed contractors in their specific area of expertise and we offer turnkey solutions as well.

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The best parts and the best service.

Only name-brand parts

At Gen R Us we only use name-brand parts and fluids to service your equipment. We are Factory Authorized technicians using the best available parts to keep your machines running strong for years to come.


Experienced Professionals

We have over 15 years experience repaiting and maintaining every kind of small engine.


On-site service

We offer on site service of your equipment at your location. We come to you and perform service or repair on-site, saving time for you.